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Equipped with Wipaire amphibious floats, Air Tractor’s AT-802F Fire Boss adds another dimension of capability for firefighting operations. When near a water source, the Fire Boss can perform continuous scoops and drops on a fire for multiple hours – without needing to return to a base. Given that most human settlement is near water, and at least two-thirds of historical fires in the US have been within ten miles of a scooper-accessible water source1, there is undeniable value to adding the Fire Boss to firefighting arsenals.

For years, agencies across the US and around the world have been bolstering their initial and direct response to wildfires by deploying AT-802F aircraft as coordinated flight groups, adjusting and optimizing their response level based on the fire situation at hand.

To learn more about adding the AT-802F Fire Boss to your firefighting arsenal, contact us today. 



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