The US wildfire threat is intensifying. Climate change, unhealthy landscapes and expanding human development in the wildland-urban interface are combining to create costlier fires that are burning and spreading much more quickly than they did 20 years ago. In the face of this reality, aerial firefighting strategies and aircraft mobilization tactics must be revisited.
History shows that to best protect people, land and property against wildland fire, initial response and direct air attack strategies that utilize rapid-attack aircraft on the front lines – in combination with, and often ahead of, ground fire suppression equipment and personnel – can better contain fires and keep them small. This allows ground crews to put out blazes more efficiently, helping to limit wildfire devastation and the ever-increasing associated costs for fire suppression, and freeing up valuable funds for the federal and state restoration and forest management work that helps prevent catastrophic fires in the first place.
At Dauntless Air, we exist to protect people, land and property against this growing threat. We never forget that our work touches the lives and futures of those around us. With so much at stake, we deeply dedicate ourselves to the mission. Drawing on decades of experience battling blazes large and small, we fly to win the war against wildfires.



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