Dauntless Fire Boss Improves Responsiveness to Fire Situations


In 2015, Minnesota made a key change to its firefighting approach. The state replaced two aging aircraft with a fleet of Fire Bosses and wheeled SEATs. The outcome? Improved responsiveness to fire situations and $1 million in savings realized in just one year.

Fire Bosses fly in coordinated groups

Washington Department of Natural Resources

In 2016, Washington made a critical adjustment to its fire aviation strategy, doubling the number of Fire Bosses on contract and consistently deploying 2-3 each time a wildfire was reported. The strategy helped avoid complex blazes and keep fire program costs well within budget.

Dauntless Aircraft Improve Firefighting Approach

Idaho Department of LandS

In 2012, faced with an expanding WUI, Idaho Department of Lands (IDL) introduced the Fire Boss, adding key capabilities to the department’s mix of resources. The decision has proven highly effective, helping IDL achieve its metric for success in past years by keeping 94% of all wildfires at 10 acres or less.