Pilot Qualifications

1,500 hours total in all aircraft

1,200 hours in airplanes

200 hours in airplane single engine land

200 hours in airplane, single engine sea OR 50 hours in ASES and Fire Boss training course offered by Wipaire, Inc.

25 hours in the same make and model to be flown

100 hours in turboprop airplanes as applicable

200 hours of low-level flight (below 500 feet AGL) in airplanes. This must include at least 100 hours dispensing fire retardant, water on fires, or agricultural materials.

200 hours in mountainous terrain or 100 hours after successfully graduating from a recognized mountain flying school. See the exhibit for recognized schools. Mountainous terrain experience is defined as experience in operating airplanes in mountainous terrain as identified in 14 CFR 95 Subpart B, Designated Mountainous Area. Operating includes maneuvering near terrain, crossing ridgelines, and evaluating conditions such as wind, temperature, and density altitude.

100 hours in airplanes in the last 12 months

250 hours in large airplanes (aircraft over 12,500 pounds MGTW) as applicable.

10 hours in airplanes in the preceding 60 days.

**Also add a note that most Dauntless Air pilots meeting these requirements were hired with an excess of 4,000 hours total time. Also, to fly a wheeled SEAT, seaplane time is not required.

Grounds Crew Qualifications

21+ years of age

Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) Class A

Tanker and Hazardous endorsement

Must be able to pass a 10 year criminal background check, together with a pre-employment drug screening and pass random drug tests.

Pass DOT medical at least every 1 year

Must be able to work any day of the week including weekends and holidays.

Be able to stand for extended periods, bending and stooping, lifting up to 50 pounds max. Working in both indoor and outdoor environment.

Be able to work up to 14 hours per day in temperatures up to 115 degrees.

Be able to be away from home up to 7 months at a time.

Be responsible for company credit card and be able to reconcile statement.

One year road experience or willing to train with veteran driver.

Be familiar with pumps and the moving of water using multiple valves or willing to train with veteran driver